Final Medicine Share of 2021


Final Medicine Share of 2021

Y’all, I’m gonna be real, these monthly shares have pushed me and challenged me in ways I did not expect. But here we are, the final offering until 2022 👏🏼

Solace (Tulsi, Bee Balm, Oatstraw, Mimosa Flowers) was born in response to the ongoing grief we are experiencing as a collective. My prayer with this blend is that we may find solace with our plant kin, that we may feel held by those much much older than us, that we may feel save enough with each other to process and release.

The tobacco flower essence was made with 6 ft tall tobacco plants from my garden. In preparing this vibrational essence, the medicine given to me was that of grounding and balancing polarities. Some folks have found this blend to be helpful in kicking tobacco addiction

And finally, I’ve woven some mugwort cleansing wands. These could be burned as a traditional smoke offering, or simply used to gently brush the skin and cleanse the spirit. Mugwort offers us fierce protection and the strength of the triple goddess in these uncertain times.

**$10 from each box will be donated directly to bail funds to support indigenous water and land protectors.

Thank you all for witnessing me in my growth always. Intertwining my passion and greatest joy with capitalism is really hard some days. Keeping my heart and compass pointed in the right direction is a constant practice.

I look forward to returning in 2022 with new offerings!

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As we move through the wheel of the year, may it become our practice to look to the land for guidance. When we quiet our minds and open our hearts, there is so much guidance in how we can nourish our bodies and spirits.

Each Medicine Share contains a selection of 3 handmade medicines – such as teas, elixirs, smoke cleanses, bath blends, syrups – and a suggested ritual practice to connect with the season during the upcoming moon cycle.

Prices include shipping to US residents. International orders are accepted with an additional charge.


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