W i l d c r a f t

Herbal Medicine Making & Folk Wisdom

Building Skill & Connection

Wild Craft is a 5 month long journey into the world of Herbal Medicine Making

Hands on. In Person. Pittsburgh, PA.

Please note: Wild Craft: Herbal Medicine Making & Folk Wisdom Winter 2022 is sold out.

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Herbal Medicine is People’s Medicine

This is a hands-on, skills based course steeped in relationship & connection.

We will spend time in the forest and learn to recognize and identify our beloved plant kin.

We will learn the foundations of formulation, infusions, & extracts.

We will explore basic herbal applications for supporting our friends & family.

We will build community & build our skills together.

Topics Covered:

  • Plant Identification & Foraging
  • Harvesting, Drying, & Preservation
  • Teas, Infusions, & Decoctions
  • Herbal Syrups, Vinegars and Oxymels
  • Oil Infusions & Salves
  • Tinctures & Bitters
  • Medicine Infused Foods
  • Living in Right Relationship

Each month we will meet for two classes:

Part 1: Forest Walk

The first class of the month will take place outdoors in mindful connection with the land. This is an opportunity to connect, explore, practice plant identification, and make seasonal and respectful harvests for our upcoming medicine making classes. Locations will change month to month as we explore different ecosystems and plant kin.

Part 2: Medicine Making

For the second class every month, we will meet indoors at a local gathering place and work with our hands to create home remedies and herbal medicine, each month focusing on a different menstruum and medium. This will include: Teas & Decoctions, Vinegars & Oxymels, Tinctures & Bitters, Syrups & Honeys, and Medicine Foods.

Course Details

November 6th @ 12:00 PM (Location TBA)
Forest Walk & Harvest

November 20th @ 4:00 PM (Centered Coffee & Wellness)
Teas, Infusions, & Decoctions

December 4th @ 12:00 PMĀ (Location TBA)
Forest Walk & Harvest

December 18th @ 4:00 PM (Centered Coffee & Wellness)
Herbal Syrups, Vinegars & Oxymels

January 8th @ 12:00 PM (Location TBA)
Forest Walk & Harvest

January 22nd @ 4:00 PM (Centered Coffee & Wellness)
Oil Infusions & Salves

February 5th @ 12:00 PM (Location TBA)
Forest Walk & Harvest

February 19th @ 4:00 PM (Centered Coffee & Wellness)
Tinctures & Bitters

March 5th @ 12:00 PM (Location TBA)
Forest Walk & Harvest

March 12th @ 4:00 PM (Centered Coffee & Wellness)
Medicine Infused Foods & Potluck

Includes plant walks, hands-on classes, herbal medicines & materials, and a private Facebook group for intimate and personal support throughout the course.

*Please contact me for alternative pricing plans, bartering and scholarship opportunities.*

Hi, I'm Annie Fox (She/They)

I am a folk herbalist & medicine womxn who has been studying the mysteries of plants for over a decade. I live in the unceded ancestral lands of the Seneca, Haudenosaunee, Lenni Lenape, and Osage people (commonly known as Pittsburgh). I love guiding others towards having a more intentional and loving relationship with our plant kin and teaching about the virtues of herbal medicine.

Stay in touch to receive information about upcoming plant walks, classes, and workshops