1. From old English hælþ: “wholeness, a being whole, sound or well,”

2. From old Norse helge “holy, sacred;”

Herbal Medicine Sessions

To heal is to find wholeness and integration in one’s self.

An herbal medicine session is an opportunity to share your story and journey in a space of compassion and care.

Herbal medicines help to shift our body into a state of health by breaking well worn physiological patterns, nourishing our cells, and supporting the function of various organs and systems.

They also help to remind us of our profound connection to this web of life – herbal medicines are living and conscious spirits that connect with our own living and conscious spirit. In this way, they can affect us not only in our physical bodies, but also in our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Please note that I am not a medical doctor and do not intend to diagnose, treat disease, or prescribe treatment. 

Although I am legally required to say this because herbalism is not a licensed profession, I also believe it’s an important distinction to make.

Holistic medicine is about about deeply felt wellness, not just “curing” symptoms. I am offering education, herbal medicine, and a variety of tools and resources that I have garnered over the last 10 years of study.

I hope then when you leave a session:

  • You feel deeply supported, heard and affirmed
  • You are more embodied and able to listen to the subtle patterns and language that your body speaks
  • You have new medicines and practices to integrate into your lifestyle and routine
  • You are well informed and feel empowered to make decisions regarding your health

All of these tenets together hopefully lead to a deeper sense of wellness. If something is beyond my scope of practice or seems like an emergency, I may refer you to a different health care practitioner.

I also believe that there is space for allopathic or pharmaceutical medicine in integrative care. The healing process is complex, unique, and beautiful – each of our journeys to well-being will look different.

All herbal medicine sessions can be done over video or at my home office in the north side of Pittsburgh. I offer sliding scale options for all services, please contact me for more information.


In a new client session, I will do a full intake of your wellness history and current health and lifestyle goals. Following our session I will formulate a unique wellness plan. This initial consultation is $100 plus the cost of herbs.


Follow up sessions happen 2-4 weeks after our initial visit depending on your needs. This is a shorter conversation where we can track any change in symptoms and adjust herbal protocols as needed. A follow up consultation is $70 plus the cost of herbs.


A 30 minute check-in is good for acute conditions such as cold and flu, acute injuries, or specific questions you may have. This is also a good option if there’s a specific herb or herbal formulation you’d like to try. Check-ins are $40 plus the cost of herbs.

What happens in an herbal medicine session?

Before a session, I create a healing space by working with candles, herbal smoke, and ancestral guides. My goal is to be a clear guide and witness to your process. My intention is to create a container that is both confidential and sacred.

During a session, you have the opportunity to share your story. I will use deep listening, intuitive questions, and compassionate reflection to guide our conversation, all the while listening for the plant medicines’ gentle call.

Following our session, I will do an herbal cleansing and formulate an herbal medicine blend based on your specific needs . Medicinal formulations could be in the form of tea, tincture, extract, bath, herbal smoke, salve or flower essence. Often suggestions will also include the use of ritual or routine, talisman making, affirmations, and other dietary and lifestyle suggestions.

Herbal medicine works best in conjunction with mindfulness and intention. Practices that help us align our attention and intention will amplify the healing properties of the herbs and the innate healing potential in our bodies.

My goal is to create herbal healthcare that is both accessible and affordable, and our work can be tailored to fit your needs. Read more about sliding scale and bartering options below.

A note about sliding scales and bartering: I appreciate the exchange that happens when services are shared and paid for.  I also deeply believe in mutual aid and community support. If you are in need of services and finances are tight, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I offer a sliding scale for all services and I am also open to bartering and trade. Contact me to discuss.

You are 100% still deserving of good health even if finances are tight, and don’t let capitalism convince you otherwise.

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