I am completely enchanted by the Earth, and I’m always listening to the subtle language of the natural world. My work is to translate this to other people through herbal medicine and education.

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My formal studies include a B.S. in Plant Biology from Ohio University, and 4 years of clinical herbal education with Ola Obasi, RH (AHG). I’m currently deepening my clinical skills under the mentorship of Leslie Alexander, RH (AHG) as I continue my life long study as an herbalist.

Presently I work part time at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh where I manage the garden spaces and facilitate outdoor educational programs for children and youth. As my practice as a clinical herbalist grows, I am also learning the process of growing, harvesting, and processing medicinal herbs.

My life path has led me to study with indigenous healers from around the world, western herbalists and directly from the plants themselves. I’m interested in the intersection of mysticism and medicine, and dedicated to growing as a spiritual being.

I would love to work with you, please reach out! Each time that I have the opportunity to formally or informally share empathetic space with someone, to witness their story, I am reminded of how interconnected we truly are.

May we walk in harmony with each other and the Earth.



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